Kate Siobhan is a Vancouver, Canada based writer and photographer, specializing in travel and portrait photography. She is an avid volunteer and regularly leads international photography trips with The Giving Lens, taking teams of photographers abroad to volunteer their time and photography skill with amazing non-profits around the world. She is a budding photo-educator, writer, and content creator, freelance for companies around the world.

Kate is the Operations Manager of The Giving Lens, and is a staff writer and regular contributor to Matador Network, the world’s largest independent travel website. On top of all this, Kate is Faculty at the school of Travel Photography, and the school of Travel Writing, offered at MatadorU. She shoots weddings and portraits around her home city of Vancouver, and is a co-leader of the Vancouver chapter of Drink and Click. She is a published author under both her maiden name, Kate Siobhan Mulligan, and her married name, Kate Siobhan Havercroft.

Kate comes from a family of entrepreneurs: her grandmother was an artist who studied under the Group of Seven, and her father is Canadian icon Terry David Mulligan, radio and television host since the 1960s. Her mother is a photographer and former jet-setting airline stewardess (no need to wonder where she gets it from then), and all of her three siblings are also self-employed entrepreneurs.

When not in the chaos of all of the above, Kate likes coffee, beer, sleep, her obese cat (Dexter), her darling husband (Peter), her church and local community, living in East Vancouver, the ocean, and a good book.

This blog was discontinued, but Kate remains extremely active on Facebook Google+, instagram, and her website. You’re invited on this adventure. Follow along!


8 thoughts on “about

  1. TDM says:

    OK..two things..I recognize that smile..its the
    “hurry up and take the damn shot..”

    also..please add to your Fathers mention , film, radio and tv.
    thank you..your father

  2. TDM says:

    ps..I REALLY like your blog..and people will find it..
    Your photos are getting better..that camera helps.
    Loved the Pete and Nico moment..
    and thats why we’re going for a walk to that tree right now..

  3. leslie hardesty says:

    Hey girl love love the pictures. Well found flights leaving thursday and home monday wedding like said the 28th august. So if you would want to ill book the flight now and see you in few months, let me know ., oh im so sos osososososo excited to see you and have you share this specail day with me.
    love you tons

  4. Pam Brown says:

    WOW very impressive Miss Kate (aka Mrs. Siobhan!) Love your photos, your writing and your take on life! Shall follow you on your journey …thanks for being you.

  5. Sharlene Petigara says:

    Kate, I discovered your blog last night and today I finally finished reading every entry. Your DTES entries made me shiver.You’re brilliant. I like you a lot. Let’s be friends.

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