KW is my nephew. His name is Kyle W— but we all call him KW. Or, if you’re me, K-dub. He’s not even 4, and he already has extra awesome nicknames that girls will find unbearably cool in high school. Good job, buddy.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and it was smokin’ hot. Oh, and it was mid-February. While the Olympics were displeased, I was particularly enjoying the early effects of global warming, such as spring in February. I had to crank my shutter speed to catch this little guy during the split seconds he stood still, but boy is he cute. Oh – and thanks to my husband for chasing and herding him towards me for three hours straight.


3 thoughts on “KW.

  1. PikKirby says:

    KW… LOL

    Brings back memories.

    ^^ Totally Irrelevant ^^

    I totally love the 4th pic, the angle and the shoes! Breathtaking. (Smells too!)

    I’m just amazed you got the kid to stay still. Remember to give him credit when he becomes a super-star because of these photos! šŸ™‚

    Oh yeah, also have a great spring break kate =D

    (>*O*)> <(*O**O*)> <(*O**O*)> <(*O**O*)> <(*O*<)

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