easter monday

ah, easter monday. a time to reflect: for some, on the cross and resurrection; for others, oh how well a long weekend was spent. Hopefully, both parties enjoyed time with family. Myself and my husband sure did. What began with a tragedy bloomed into a wonderful week. Pete’s grandfather passed away, and we were whisked off to Ontario to be with family and attend the funeral. While the pain was still around us, the tight family that Pete has grew even closer together over the death of a wonderful man: kind, strong, faithful, respected and loving. I’ve rarely attended formal funeral but I assumed it would be terribly sad and mournful; however, it was quite the opposite. Pete’s family tree stretches far and wide, and every branch is of strong, Christian faith. So what began as a loss quickly became just a temporary goodbye, knowing that we would see him again, in Heaven. It was beautiful, honest, and full of joy. This lead us into Easter, where we were reminded again of why we believe what we do. It may be the most honest, unselfish Easter I’ve had. Though, there was still lots of chocolate.

The above photo is my friend’s father Bart, which was taken on a boat, in Belize, during sundown. The second photo is a church in downtown Vancouver on Burrard Street.

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