Taleigha Turns Three

Taleigha is a little girl who lives on a semi-remote island called Salt Spring. It has a population of 10,000 (except during the summer, when it quadruples at minimum) and has a beautiful coastline, seven lakes, and a thriving arts scene. It has no chain store (barring a Pharmasave and a Thrifty’s Grocery, which the locals have finally admitted are mildly necessary … at least for the tourists), it has one town centre with three blocks of stores, and one movie theater (albeit, the theater is an old church, and the movies aren’t necessarily “first run”). Yes, it is a hippy mecca. Long hair and flowing attire abounds, and hippies of all shapes, sizes, and devotion are welcome. Align your chakras, reiki out those bad feelings, do yoga until you collapse, and call it a day with a nice helping 100% locally grown … everything. Most everything on Salt Spring has come from Salt Spring, including the lovely Miss Taleigha. She’s funny, smart, silly, and turning three. She enjoys watching Dumbo everynight, wearing multiple crinolines, and eating ludicrous amounts of blueberries. Also, she thinks “uncle” is a silly word, and calls my husband “auntie pete” much to his chagrin.

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