Jenn and Derek

When i showed up at Jenn’s house on the morning of August 7th, it was pouring rain. Through the afternoon, Jenn kept looking out the window of the hair studio, car, and of her home, watching the endless drizzle and quietly bemoaning her 100% outdoor wedding. However, two hours before the ceremony I escorted Jenn to a private staircase through the woods, where her man was waiting for her. As she came down the path, and spotted her groom, I could see (through my lens) that nothing else mattered anymore. She lit up, he lit up, and no amount of rain could cover up their glow. The rain staved off a bit for the ceremony, and the reception was under tents, and really, when surrounded by people and family who love you and support you, rain can’t ruin a thing. Congrats to Jenn and Derek!

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