Leslie and Sam – Wyoming

I first met Leslie in Africa, when we were 20 years old, on a Habitat for Humanity build in Tanzania. I had lots of expectations of Africa, and while many of them proved to be misinformed, the biggest surprise was  befriending a fiery red-head from Wyoming. But I’m sure glad it happened. Then Leslie met Sam, and together are just amazing. Due to heartbreaking, frustrating, unfair and painful circumstances, they have to fight for their love and choose it and cherish it every single day. It’s inspiring to everyone near them: their wonderful families, their faithful friends, and little old me, to name a few. Wyoming is a beautiful place, full of honest, kind people and huge blue skies. And boy, can they throw a PARTY.

4 thoughts on “Leslie and Sam – Wyoming

  1. Lindsay Kallgren says:

    Kate these are just fantastic!! It was finally nice to meet you and hope to one day do so again!! Les is an amazing person and you really made her inner beauty come out as well as her outter beauty. Great Job

  2. Ashlynn Donaldson says:

    Hi Kate!

    My future husband and I are looking for a photographer for our August 2011 wedding. Our (yours and mine) parents are neighbours – Janine and Pat? My mom gave me your phone number but I’ve since misplaced it (argh!) (and they’re on vacation – double argh!). I really like your style and creativity and would like a little bit more info, ie. price, availability…Can you email me your details? Thanks!

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