The L Family

The L’s are the kind of family that is so incredibly nice, gentle, and kind that it makes you feel slightly dizzy. In a good way, of course. They simply couldn’t be more inviting, welcoming, polite and charitable. Joseph is a pediatrician, who plays piano, sings like an angel, and rocks awesome suspenders. Gina is a gentle matriarch who guides her family like a warm wind, always soft and comforting. Their daughter, Emma, may be the most well-behaved girl I’ve ever met, with her huge eyes and sweet pursed lips. They attend my church and give regularly their time, effort and money to many causes, charities, fundraisers, and lend their talents (which are plenty) whenever they are needed. So when Gina was expecting their second, I jumped at the chance of working with such an amazing family. It was a fabulous as I thought it would be!

ps – they had another baby girl!

pps – for those wondering, I decided to not use last names on my blog. I don’t do it with weddings, so I figured I won’t do it with families or other clients either.

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