Curtis and Ayla: Surprise Proposal!

When Curtis emailed me looking for a photographer willing to follow him to Victoria and take secret photos of his proposal to his girlfriend Ayla, I said “You’re in luck. I’m a ninja.” And ninja I was. On a “private” tour of a castle, I followed them around for an hour taking photos. Finally, Curtis lead Ayla down to the pond and ta-da, away we went. It was beautiful and an honour to witness and photograph. And then, to Ayla’s bewilderment, we wisked her off for an engagement photography session at the castle. You two are gorgeous people in many ways — good luck with the wedding!!



3 thoughts on “Curtis and Ayla: Surprise Proposal!

  1. Mindy says:

    Awesome pics, my friend! That must’ve been so much fun trying to stay hidden but take such beautiful shots. I hope you’re awarded a higher belt level 😉

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