Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown’s Wedding

As you can see below, Patty and Charlie are insanely cute and really in love. They have spent much time apart given that Charlie is in the marines, so you can really see the anticipation on their faces. Patty is admirable as well, for life in the marines is no picnic. Still, both of them are ready to face whatever will come their way, and you can really see it in their eyes. I find all couples I work will inspirational in different ways, and I think with Charlie and Patty I was inspired by their determination: to be together, to be a family, and to stand by one another’s side, come what may.

That being said, here is Charlie and Patty. Bare in mind their wedding was at night, which is why we did an engagement shoot before hand. You may also recognize the strong and mighty Leslie, of Leslie and Sam. Charlie is Leslie’s brother. It was so wonderful to see her again.

Congrats to Patty and Charlie!!!

3 thoughts on “Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown’s Wedding

  1. Lindsay says:

    Kate these are Amazing. Congrats Char and Patty!! Your wedding looked beautiful! i wish you the very best!!

    kate I LOVED the pic of the shoe and the ring!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

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