Royal Wedding

Until I was about 14, I was convinced – in true Canadian fashion – that I would one day marry Prince William. Today, the Royal Wedding Day, I am at the very least pleased that Wills decided to marry a Kate. I feel like I have at least been aknowledged. And of course, the fancy hats cover a multitude of sins. All is forgiven, Wills.

Luckily for me, I married a Mr. Peter Havercroft, only to discover a town in the north of England named, aptly, Havercroft. I assume we will descend upon little Havercroft one summer, to rightly claim our title as King and Queen. Stay tuned.

The only thing I have to honour them are some point-and-shoot photos from England circa 2006. Bare in mind these were taken on a highly advanced camera for that year – 3 megapixals, I believe.

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