The H’s

Welcoming my newest neice, Aila! And congrats to my brother in law and his wife on their first child. You are a beautiful family!  

rest in peace, Sam.

You may recall a wedding in Wyoming that I had the honour of photographing in August.  I mentioned in that post that Sam and Leslie had a lot to deal with, and what I meant by that was that Sam had cancer. I heard just now that Sam passed away this morning, 65 days into … Continue reading rest in peace, Sam.

Out of Town

Gone Travellin'. Currently in South East Asia! Specifically, Cambodia, working with Habitat for Humanity alongside my husband and a great team. Then, Vietnam and Thailand. Will resume posting photos in August!

Iphone Fun

They say that the best camera is the one you have with you. With that in mind, I've been having fun taking photos with my iPhone. I am surprised and pleased by the results. I must say I owe a lot to a great app called Hipstimatic, which replicates a sweet 80s camera. I can … Continue reading Iphone Fun

get lost

who cares about the Olympics when Lost is on? Olympic athletes train 4 years for the Winter Games; I have been training 6 years to figure out this show. My time has finally come. Still, instead of island jungles with smoke monsters, I'm stuck with Vancouver jungles and tourist monsters. alas.