Poverty Olympics – Part Three (Final)

My third and final installment of Olympic shots. The first part was from a rally against the Olympics. The second part was shots from the chaotic downtown core, as well as the amazing energy immediately following Canada winning Gold in hockey. This third installment takes a look back at the Downtown Eastside, specifically the tent … Continue reading Poverty Olympics – Part Three (Final)

poverty olympics part 2

One may think I have a bipolar disorder when it comes to the Olympics. In one post, I am obviously critical; yet in another, I'm among the screaming throngs of drunk college students (albeit, while I was among them, I was neither drunk, nor in college). Hockey has a hypnotizing effect on Canadians, and I … Continue reading poverty olympics part 2

Okay, World. Time To Go Home. Show’s Over.

Gone are the ludicrous amounts of Canadian flags, the babel of languages spilling out from all directions, and the obnoxiously loud fireworks at 11pm, interrupting my prime half-asleep book-reading hour. Gone are the awesome Russian sweatsuits, the mobs to see the flame which, decked out in barbed wire and sky-high industrial fencing, was eerily reminiscent … Continue reading Okay, World. Time To Go Home. Show’s Over.

get lost

who cares about the Olympics when Lost is on? Olympic athletes train 4 years for the Winter Games; I have been training 6 years to figure out this show. My time has finally come. Still, instead of island jungles with smoke monsters, I'm stuck with Vancouver jungles and tourist monsters. alas.