Patty and Charlie + Engagement Session = Excellent.

I first met Patty and Charlie at Leslie and Sam’s wedding in Wyoming. Charlie is Leslie’s brother, and he proposed to Patty at Leslie’s wedding. Charlie is in the US Army and barely sees Patty because he is either overseas in the Middle East, or stationed around the country. Needless to say, Patty said yes and they both enthusiastically looked forward to not being apart anymore.

So, Patty and Charlie flew me down to California to shoot their wedding in Sacramento. Then, Patty and Charlie decided to do an engagement session with me one day before their wedding, since their wedding was taking place mostly after dark. And I am so happy they did! They took me out to Charlie’s Grandmother’s farm and we jumped around in the hay and took pictures that turned out just incredible. It was a perfect overcast day, plus the soft yellow light from the hay, plus the rustic feel of the farm, combined with the anticipation on their faces as they were less than 24 hours to tying the knot made this a truly great photo shoot. Obviously stay tuned for the wedding photos!

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