happy st patrick’s day

today is the first year i have had to celebrate st paddy’s without my uber-irish maiden name, Mulligan. I got married and took Havercroft, which is Scottish/British. Same Same, But Different. I miss my last name, which was also my nickname among many close friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing a name with my husband and starting my own family, but Mulligan somehow defined a huge part of who I am. In Gaelic, it means Bald. Not so fitting, as I have one many would define as a ‘fro. However we all know that in English, Mulligan means “a do-over.” Fitting for myself, and my entire family. A big bunch of do-over’s. Second chances. Please Try Again. That’s us! That’s me.

In honour of my irish maiden name, and st paddy’s day, I present to you two things:

a link to an article I wrote called “Growing Up Mulligan” about, well, what it sounds like.

and a photo of mine of the youngest Mulligan in our clan: my niece, Taleigha!

One thought on “happy st patrick’s day

  1. PikKirby says:

    I didn’t know Mulligan was a Irish name (Know I do)

    I was reading your other article, Growing Up Mulligan, and after reading it, I read the comments. I wanted to write, thats my teacher! I know her! But the discussion was closed. =(

    (Brag Rights: My teacher is famous! =P)

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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